Recent Events in the #EndSARS Movement vis-a-vis Nigerian Army Shooting of Unarmed Peaceful Protesters.

I hope that our politicians realise that engagement with the people as opposed to fomenting trouble is the only way forward for peace. They emboldened touts and hoodlums to destroy the credibility of the peaceful protests being carried out by the youths. Now, the touts/hoodlums who want change but have been peaceful so far have been enraged and I hear Tinubu is out of the country. Why didn’t the military just ensure that the protest was peaceful? Why did they shoot at peaceful protesters without arms? How ever we look at it, one thing is certain so far- Government is not interested in carrying out any changes as demanded by the protesters and would stop at nothing to stop the protests: gaining momentum.

When Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) increased the price of fuel in a bid to remove subsidy, the decision was reversed immediately. I don’t know why General Muhammad Buhari (GMB) has been utterly silent. It wasn’t Namadi Sambo that spoke or addressed Nigerians, GEJ did. But until date, GMB has been silent. But they want the protesters to go home in the name of curfew? There lived a king who wouldn’t heed the plight of his people. The result: To your tent o Israel! He lost 10 tribes, if my memory serves me right. I think if we agree that power belongs to the people, those entrusted with leadership should never despise the led. The constitution, is made by we the people. If our representatives are complacent, this protest have shown that we refuse to be.

In a country where a PhD holder is seconding a person without any education and graduates roam the streets for lack of employment (gainful or not), it is an utter absurdity for a senator to earn as an annual salary about: #360,000,000.00. It is total nonsense. The wages and salaries of our representatives ought to reflect the economic and financial realities of the country. If we have come to ask these and other ills be reviewed, I don’t think that calls for curfew or the militarisation of the state. If there had been incidents which ought to be expected by our security agencies, then they ought to deal with same. But they didn’t, rather they killed unarmed peaceful protesters.

It is common knowledge that there hasn’t been any incidence of violence at the Lekki Toll Gate and as rightly reported by BBC or CNN, the protesters have been nothing but peaceful. It saddens me to see that the cluelessness of our government is this high. As small as my wisdom, I’d thought that they will start carrying out the demands of the protesters which honestly do not directly benefit the protesters but government. Instead, they resorted to cheap blackmails in a bid to quash the protests. I have never been more ashamed to be a Nigerian. My head is bowed low for the unbelievable things government have resorted to.

In the very end, I pray that govt will retrace their steps, call off the curfew, engage with the protesters, start carrying out the demands of the protesters. What we are asking for is please stop killing us. How does introducing the military to further kill us quell our demands or the protests? It beats my imagination but I am certain of one thing, Luke 1:37- With God nothing shall be impossible. Our hope is on God, whilst we are praying we are protesting and asking for an end to bad governance. Whilst the Israelites built back their city, the each had a weapon to defend them but today God is our weapon. Our present help always. May He keep us from harm and give us victory. Amen!!!

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost a loved one or are injured. God is able! May their Souls rest in perfect peace. Speedy recovery dears. May God turn d heart of our leaders to see that we are all but one and that the protest is a collective responsibility of both government and the people. If the government fails to lead same, the people can lead same. A better and responsive government, good schools, hospitals, infrastructure etc. are things we will all benefit from. It will engender less corruption which this govt aims to eradicate. We are one! No matter d tribe, religious or political leaning. We are Nigerians. And we can do it! God bless Nigeria and all of us with peace n prosperity!


Published by Oghogho Okuegha Esq.

I am a legal practitioner with experience in the Nigerian legal industry spanning corporate, commercial, civil, and property law. I have appeared in various litigation matters from labour-related disputes at the National Industrial Court to land disputes which started at the High Court up to the Court of Appeal. This page was created to share some knowledge on certain legal issues bedeviling society, seeing that a lot of people could really use it. I hope you find the contents helpful. Cheers!

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